Saturday, December 19, 2009

His New Hobby

My husband has a new hobby - massage!

Right around my birthday he commented on how stressed I was and that I needed to relax. Yeah right. I’ll just tell myself to relax and everything will be better.

To help me calm down he’d give me back rubs, foot rubs, etc.

Loved it.

But hubster wasn’t satisfied. He looked on Amazon for books about massage and bought a couple. (He also bought a book with *ahem* 101 ‘suggestions’… but that is for another post)

The books arrived and he went to work. I’d lie on the bed and he’d do his best to relax me. This man is good! I was very impressed. But he still wasn’t satisfied.

What did he do next? He bought a massage table. The bed was too low and hurt his back plus I’d have to keep flipping around so he could reach all sections of my body.

The massage table arrives, he lights the candles that he bought, dims the lights and puts on low music. (Seriously, these were all his idea.)

OMG - Head to toe fabulous massage! I honestly can’t tell the difference between his massages and the ones that I used to pay $75 an hour for.

Well…. I guess what happens after the massage varies - a lot.


Anonymous said...

That's called the "deluxe" massage, with deep heat relaxation. That's the kind I need.


Rozlyn Sparks said...

That's awesome that your hubby does this for you. I'd kill for a good massage. lol