Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gender Agenda

I’ve heard a term several times in recent years which has perplexed me. It’s mainly been said by women, and, in my experience, mostly younger, more earnest women. The term in question is “herstory”. This is as opposed to “history”, which they believe is severely skewed towards men and their roles in, well, everything.
I’m not going to argue against that summation. History was written by the victors, and mostly (almost exclusively?) by men. It’s just the word that gives my inner pedant pause for thought. Where else should we be looking for gender specificity?
Men are renowned for growing more hair in more places than women. Yet, the term for being hairy is “hirsute”. Should it now be “hissute”? Should a hymen now be a hywomen? It would follow logically that the monthly cycle must now be renamed “womenstruation”, until, of course, you undergo womenopause. Or have a hersterectomy.
In church, should we start saying Apersons after prayers, and sing Themns? “Hermaphrodite”? No, that’s gender-biased. Surely it’s now “theymaphrodite”.
All right, perhaps I’m getting a little personsterical. After such a Hisculean effort, my mental resources are gone.
Sorry, I meant “personstal”...


Anonymous said...

I was "hersterical" after reading this!


Willsin Rowe said...

I'm so politically correct I should go into Huperson Resources Personagement!

Rozlyn Sparks said...

LOL. This just cracked me up. Great post Willsin. It should go down in Themstory.