Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantasy or reality

Thank God it's Friday! I'm tired of this week and I want it to be over. To be fair, however, I only have two hours of work left before I can go home to my sick kid.

Anyhow, enough about that. I'm currently editing an erotica novel I've written and I was wondering about what, as readers, you prefer to see in a book. I tend to write sex scenes as they'd happen in real life, ie. the heroine doesn't always come; if they're having sex in the shower, someone might slip, etc. I've realized though that editors don't like that, that they prefer 'fantasy' over reality.

So, maybe it's just me who prefers it that way. I know that, as a reader, I prefer believing in what's happening in the book. It always throws me when something happens and I'm all 'But that wouldn't happen in real life surely' or 'How can he carry her three flights of stairs? Has he turned into Superman?'

I've also been told that the sex should start sooner in the book. Not that I'm against that, but sometimes you need to set the scene a bit. Or maybe that's just me trying to be too realistic again? *ponders*

So, what do you think? Should books try to stick to reality or should they be 'fantasy' only? A mix of both, maybe?


Anonymous said...

More reality would be interest, because the fantasy stuff is overdone so many times already.
Reality like the husband pretending he didn't realize it was the other hole, ha ha.


Willsin Rowe said...

There's more than one hole?

But seriously, I'm a bit of a fence-dweller on this matter, albeit a fence in an adjacent yard. I don't have much time for the "chicks with dicks" guys that seem to inhabit erotic romance. Utterly unrealistic in most cases. However, what I'm a huge fan of is grit. Stories with dirt. Stories that make you flinch. None of which rules out fantasy.

Rozlyn Sparks said...

I guess I do tend to lean towards fantasy because, lets face it, reality sometimes sucks. Yes it's real to have the guy finish, leaving the girl hanging. But, doesn't that remind the reader how long it's been since they had satisfying sex? If the reader is fantasizing with the MC, they want to finish too. So to speak.

As for sex earlier, I have no opinion. Sex should come when it is time for it. That could be right at the start, or it could be much later. The timing has to be right.