Saturday, December 5, 2009

Be Daring!

When I was younger I tried to have my own sense of style. I wasn’t following the trends and did things with my own twist - a little bit. There were a few fun memories of people asking “What are you wearing?” I even had a couple of people say, “I wish I had the freedom to dress as carefree as you.” Maybe that was a hidden insult. I took things to a certain level but usually not too far.

My favorite outfit memory is from the day I met my future in-laws. I arrived at their huge house in the ritzy part of town wearing a thread bare Rolling Stones t-shirt and shorts I bought for $0.75. These jean shorts were shredded and covered with ink and paint. The best part of the shorts was a paint hand print on each ass cheek.

So I get to their house and find out that my guy isn't there. Great. We had been dating for only about two weeks. They took one look at my outfit and were not impressed. Mrs. Future Mother In Law called me Lisa - not my name and their little furry dog tried to jump up on the couch and hit me in the face instead.

Good times, good times.

I loved that outfit. The t-shirt was an actual Rolling Stones concert t-shirt. Not one bought from Old Navy.

My point is…. what??? I wish I had taken things a little further, been bolder, crazier.

If you are young and able to be daring - go for it. I for one would give anything to be young enough to wear the hair style P!nk has in the boxing scene of this video.



Secretia said...

The time to do what you want is when you feel like it. Never mind other people's rules!


Willsin Rowe said...

Frankly, I'm just a little turned on. I love, and I really mean LUUURVE the kind of outfit you described. A threadbare t-shirt and tiny cutoff denim shorts (okay, you didn't specifically say they were tiny, but I choose to believe they were cut high like a bikini brief...)

When I was 14 I went through a phase of walking around in summer in a full balaclava and mirror shades. I used to take a short-cut through the bank wearing them. It was a short phase...

Rozlyn Sparks said...

I think we all get to have our unique phase. I grew up in the late 80's and early 90's. Do I really need to say more? Let us not forget, bangle bracelets, too much makeup, leggings, and poofy hair. Ugh!

Jenna Alexander said...

Secretia - I agree with you.

Willsin - no Daisy Dukes for this chick but did your area ever go through the fad of jeans having the ass ripped out? People would then wear boxer shorts underneath? Picture that. Luckily that day I chose a respectible pair of boxers.

Roz - puffy hair - OMG!! Did you have shirts off one shoulder too? I remember that era.