Friday, December 18, 2009

30 - 1

Tomorrow, I will turn 30... Happy Birthday to me!

I've been in a somewhat reflective mood this week. Looking back over the past decade, I can safely say I’ve achieved what I’d set out to do. I have a husband, an amazing toddler, a full-time job, a house and two loud pets.

Several years ago when I was struggling to find a job (apparently my diplomas were too specialized…you don’t say!), the local unemployment agency sent me out to do some tests, to figure out what I should be doing in life. Turns out I was creative. They urged me to apply for jobs in publishing houses, magazines, anything that would be related to the writing world.
It made me laugh at the time, because who’d want to hire me when I had no experience/degrees in the subject?
I was right. I did find a job in the end, but in something related to my postgrad education. Made a lot more sense, and I found it myself, without listening to their ‘help’.

But they were right, in a way, as much as it pains me to say. I’d been writing for a while at the time, mostly for myself and for friends I’d made online. I wrote every day, because the voices in my head were getting far too loud to be ignored. I wrote, because it felt like I had to.

And as the years passed, writing became the one thing I knew I was good at. I’m not self-confident at all; I used to be very shy as a child for that matter. But I knew, I know, writing is my thing. I might not be the best author; I might not do descriptions but way too much dialogue, but hey… I know I can entertain!

And so, here I am, one day ’til I hit the big 3-0, and I’m proud. You know those lists you do? ‘30 Things To Do Before You Hit 30?’ Well, I have only one goal for the next decade: to write full-time.
Bring it on, world. I’m ready. *cracks knuckles*

Em x

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Secretia said...

Thirty is a nice number, a LOW number. You have what it takes to be successful, smarts, a talent, and a great family.

Happy Birthday!


Ryan said...

Happy Birthday.

I'm right there beside you on the goal.

Jenna Alexander said...

Great post. Good luck on your new goal.

and Happy birthday!!

Willsin Rowe said...

Kewl. I vaguely remember 30...lost as it is in the dim, dark past... gawrsh...I was in Year 4 at school when you were born...
Happy Birthday (belated by now) Em, and welcome to the GOOD side of the hill.

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Happy Belated Birthday Em!