Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reviews and News

I have some good news and an announcement.

First off the good news: My erotic short story “Becoming Dinner” was reviewed by Melissa at Dark Diva Reviews and she gave it four Delightful Divas!! Here is a sample of what she said:

... Ms. Alexander did not waste any words. She filled this story with heart-pounding suspense and terror, as well as erotic and captivating sex.

You can read the full review here: Becoming Dinner

This is my first official review and I am so thrilled. Thank you again Melissa!
The second bit of news relates to my lovely day job. In this economy those of us with day jobs are supposed to be thankful. Our bosses let us know that everyday as they pile on the work. I’ve recently been notified that I am being put on a project that will involve more hours and some travel. Yikes. The duties will not be difficult - just much more of them.

Like you my days are packed with kids, husband, taking care of the house, trying to contact my friends and sisters every once in a while so they still know I exist, etc… In light of the increased stress at work, I’ve come to the conclusion that my plate is too full and I need to rearrange things a bit.

I will be taking a break from Coffee Fueled Erotica for a little while. I need to save some of my free time and sanity for the family. Most likely this break will only last until this summer. That is, if they don’t put me on another project… No! I’ll say no. Then get in trouble, get written up, get laid off, and have lots of time to write. Shhh - don’t tell my husband.

So - goodbye for now. I will pop on and comment as much as I can.

No need to fear, we’ve found a fantastic new member to contribute to CFE. You’ll meet Willsin on Tuesday (and love him)

~ Jenna

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Anonymous said...

That is nice to hear you are doing well. Enjoy your family and they will enjoy you too!