Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Thoughts from Gavin Atlas

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. I’m a writer of gay (or m/m) erotica, and my most recent work was “Slave to Shadows” from Excessica which is a vampire romance. I also have a contemporary piece called “La Playita” from Lethe Press, and I will have a collection entitled The Boy Can’t Help It.

So what’s on my mind? First, the vote in Maine. Good grief. I really think it’s unfair that people can vote to take away other peoples’ rights. Until California last year, that had never happened in this country before, and it’s very sad. In fact, I don’t think rights that people already had have ever been taken away before. I’m kind of flabbergasted.

Next, I noticed there was a question about why women read m/m on this blog. Hmm, I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer that, but I have read some answers to that question. I think when Emma said that it’s similar to men enjoying “lesbian” porn (that’s really made for men), she hit it on the head. If one man is hot, then two men are sometimes hotter. However, I’ve heard there’s more. Some women are uncomfortable with bondage or some kind of exploitative erotic scenes when a woman is involved, but feel very differently when a man is submitting. I have to say that’s probably not true for all women who read m/m, but in the same vein, there are women who prefer erotica where both romantic leads can be versatile and take turns being submissive, as opposed to the woman always having to “receive.” These are just some theories I’ve read, many of them from a book called Man, oh Man: Writing M/M for Cash and Kinks.

So far this seems like a very serious post, and for me, that’s no good. Let’s discuss desserts or something. There’s this Chocolate Festival of Texas, and while it’s across town, I have to say the idea is alluring. However, it’s probably for the best if I don’t go. Seriously, in an ideal world, I would be the editor-in-chief of Cookie Connoisseur Magazine, and it would be my job to sample cookies and give my opinions on them. Yes, it may not be as sophisticated as a career in wine tasting, but I think it would be satisfying (if fattening).

Maybe I should talk a little about “Slave to Shadows.” With my early work, I received a lot of negative reviews for not being romantic enough. Thus, I tried to change that in “Slave to Shadows.” I thought, “hmm, happily ever after doesn’t seem very realistic unless you live forever.” That’s when the story suddenly became about a vampire. Then I had to think, “what would make me fall in love with someone to such a degree that I could overlook that he’s a vampire?” I figured if he was gorgeous, incredible in bed, had the power to keep me young, and rich enough to make my farfetched dreams come true, that should do it. I may not have started out trying to write romance, but I’ve discovered that writing about romantic fantasies sure is fun. :-)

Thanks for the guest spot!

Gavin Atlas


Secretia said...

I think women are generally fascinated by the gay lifestyle. Some want to watch oral and anal sex acts that they may be afraid of doing with their men, in the hope that it will either justify their fears or alleviate them.


Jenna Alexander said...

I love the cover for The Boy Can't Help It!


Gavin said...

Thanks Jenna! My publisher found that model online. His name is Eder and he's from Bilbao, Spain. He apparently is very excited to be on a cover of a book. I think with his body shaved down to his leg and his hairstyle he looks a lot like a satyr.

Jenna Alexander said...

He's one sexy hunk of man. I think he'll get lots of work after your book is released!!

Good luck with it and thanks again for stopping by!