Friday, November 20, 2009

Good tidings

I'm back! *waves*

It's been an eventful two weeks, in the good sense of the word :) I've had probably too much fun but hey, that's what holidays are for!
On another note, why do things always happen when you're away?

Before I left, I received an email from eXcessica, saying my latest submission had been accepted for publication. Woot! A Thin Line will be published on May 17th. It's the first novella in a new series entitled Curve Happy and you guessed it, it's Rubenesque/Romance. I wrote ATL in three days. 15,000 words in three days. I still can't quite believe it but I guess I was on a roll!

So that made me happy (duh, I know). It got even better when I received not one but two nice reviews while I was away (thank God for my husband's iPhone which I still hate but at least I could get my emails. Okay so it only loaded about 25% of them so I couldn't follow conversations but it was better than nothing!).
Location, Location, Location got 4.5/5 stars by Manic Readers and my latest, Yes, No, Maybe, 5 cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews! 5! I still can't quite believe it. I wasn't too sure how people would react to it so that's soothed my fears a little.

Last but not least, the day I got back home was the day I received my first royalties. What a rush! So I haven't become rich overnight like my husband was dreaming about and personally I don't much care about the's all about sales, really: how many books sold on which site, etc. Hey, it's my first time. I have the right to be excited, right?

Phew. All this to say that if good tidings happen when I'm away, I should go on vacation more often! *grins*

Em, over and out

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Anonymous said...

Vacation more often is excellent for our minds and bodies. That's good news on the acceptance.
Sincere congratulations!