Thursday, November 19, 2009

Does it make you hot?

One of my critiquing buddies asked me an interesting question.

"When you listen to the music and "get in the mood" and start writing do you find yourself getting turned on? Is writing about it as exciting as reading it? Do you get into your female MC's head/character for this?"

Great questions! Now, I can't speak for all erotica writers, but for me, the answer is a bit more complicated than just a simple yes or no.

Getting in the mood to write erotica is more about getting my head in the game.

I need to visualize. I need to get into a sensual mood. Now some might argue that it means, yes, I get turned on. But, (there is that darn but again) it's not like I am getting all wet and ready. It's more about an attitude. I need to think sexy to write sexy. That's where the writing begins.

Now, once I am actually sitting down and writing a scene, it's all about details. What POV am I in? Which character's head am I in; one, both, am I switching POV's at some point? Where are my characters? What are they wearing? How are their clothes removed? Who's hand is where? What body parts are reacting?

Let's take a look at logistics; are they standing, sitting, laying in bed, taking a hot shower together, screwing on the couch? Is my main character enjoying it? What sounds are they (all characters in a scene) making?

Then of course there is dialogue. It can't all be moaning and groaning. Might need to add some sexy speech in there. That requires me to be in two heads at the same time, both male and female (I haven't delved into m/m or f/f yet).

With so much attention to detail, it's really hard to let myself get too turned on.

Of course reading it is a different experience. Once I have finished and do my read through, if it doesn't turn me on, then I know I have to start all over again.

So, question for the blog readers (and writers of erotica), does it make you hot... to write an erotic scene?


Secretia said...

I always imagined that you were in the mood already, and so that inspired your writing.


Willsin Rowe said...

Hee hee...very good blog on a very good topic. Being a man means I can't really answer properly... because I'm ALWAYS in the mood. I must say, though, I just get a little turned on whenever I've stacked a whole bunch of words together that say what I want them to, whether that be a sex scene or a plumber discussing toilets. The silliest part of my writing, though, is that I physicalise it...I pull the faces, I make the noises... I even walk around the room getting into position so that I can know I'm writing what I mean. I can't imagine how that looks from out on the street...

Jenna Alexander said...

I think the first time though the story (in my head) that yes it has a tendency to turn me on. But not when I'm typing because I'm trying to figure out where to put the damn commas!!

Willsin - so I take it you don't write at work.

Ha ha

I miss you guys - I feel so out of the loop! Things are just starting to heat up with my work project. So if I really fall off the face of the earth you'll know why.


Rozlyn Sparks said...

Willsin - Getting into position, great idea! I'll have to try that. In a pinch, "relations" with the hubby helps me to visualize. =p

Jena, we miss you too.

Emma Hillman said...

I agree with Jenna! Thinking about the story gets me going but writing it doesn't. Mostly because I write at work and that would be bad!!

Roz - That reminds me that my husband has offered himself in case I need to do research *grins* I wonder what he'd say if he knew what I was writing right now :)