Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Monday again! :)

It's the end of a long weekend of edits (Mirror Twins 2) .  I've got the world's greatest editor, an Aussie named Iris.  I adore her.

Luckily, I'm one of those crazy people who enjoys the editing process.  I like words - putting them together, taking them apart, dissecting them and twisting them into colorful phrases in an attempt to be original and humorous.  Of course, there's no such thing as original anymore, but it's fun to see what you can do with words.

I can't imagine what folks who don't write or read do for kicks.  Those are my two favorite things in life.

My muses are two-stepping because through Michael at Shadowfire Press, I received 4 contracts at once Friday - the next three 'Mirror Twins' in the series, and a M/F vampire story titled 'Zacary'.  I've also been previously contracted to write a colorbox story for Torquere Press, so my plate is full for the moment.  I can't take on any more projects at the moment, but I'm looking forward to the time when I can.  I've already got an idea for a new series!

Em has written a wonderful sexy novel that I can't wait to see get published, Jenna is writing a sequel to her e-book 'Becoming Dinner' and I'm sure Roz is writing something new, too!  :)

Have a great week!


Emma Hillman said...

Go you! That's great you received all those contrats, Sarah.

I know what you mean about your plate being full. I'm working on five manuscripts right now and actually I should have started another one weeks ago *blinks*

Anyhow, I need to finish the synopsis for the novel you seem to like :) Who wants to help? No one? *sighs* I hate writing these things.

Anonymous said...

Good writers deserve all the good things that come their way! Congratulations!


Sarah Colter said...

Thanks, Emma and Secretia. :)

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Wow, Congrats on all the contracts. That is wonderful!

I'm with you, I do enjoy the editing process too.


Sarah Colter said...

Thanks, Roz! I'm still actually doing my edits. I got way behind when my family got food poisoned at one of our formerly favorite restaurants. (No longer a favorite)

I love my editor. She does such a wonderful job of pointing out little things I overlooked. :)

I lived for years in Southern Alabama, so a lot of my writing includes what I call 'southernisms'. My editor lives in Australia, so she's sometimes taken aback by my terminology. We're coming to an agreement, though, that if I use those southernisms in dialog only, they're acceptable. LOL!

Jenna Alexander said...

Yay for you - congrats. We better send some coffee your way!


Sarah Levin Colter said...

Thanks, Jenna! I need lots of coffee!