Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mom... What are You Doing?

I’m sure my life resembles most of yours. I have a day job, spouse, child, irritating dog, a home to take care of, shopping to do and laundry to ignore.

There are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done and try to accomplish a bit of writing as well. Some writers use schedules or set word count goals. I’ve tried that and so far it has only helped a little bit. I haven’t completed a story in a really long time. I’m starting to get desperate to get something moved to my “done” pile.

So I am going to try something new to squeeze out a story.

Dragon Naturally Speaking.

This is a speech recognition software that enables you to talk into a microphone and your words will magically appear on the screen. ‘Magically’ was the way they described it on their website. Yeah right - I’m sure their software designers wear wizard hats and carry wands.

Supposedly we talk three times as fast as we type. It’s worth a shot (and it was on sale for $30.00.)

Check out the demo:

It’s very cool in theory but I can see one big drawback – I write erotica. How am I going to do this with a ten year old running around the house?

For example – here is a line from my upcoming release
“Go Ahead and Try” Let’s just imagine the kiddo walking in right at the time I dictated this:

Smiling up at me she scooted the stool forward. Soon her warm tongue cupped under the tip of my cock and rhythmically raised and lowered it. The effect was maddening.

“Ah mom, I thought you were a girl. Girls aren’t supposed to have cocks.”

Hmmm – I may have to write behind closed doors with music on in the hallway to drown out my voice.

So here’s a fun idea – pick a line or two from one of your releases or WIPs and post it in the comment section. Find something fun that would definitely be a shocker for the family to hear you say.

Please don't plaster the comment box with a huge promo - I've left an example.

I can't wait to read these!!



Jenna Alexander said...

Cold water dripped from his hair and landed on my chest making my nipples erect. He did not fail to notice the effect. Slowly, he rubbed his nose first across one breast then the other.

Becoming Dinner by Jenna Alexander

Oh - the husband would love to hear me say that!

Emma Hillman said...

This is fun, Jenna!

Let's see...Here goes:

“Feel this?” He suddenly drew out of her and brushed his length against her clenched fingers. “Feel how much you want me?” He coated her skin with her own juices, forcing her hands to close around him. “You asked for this, remember? You want this. You want me.”
Her lips formed the word “No” but nothing came out. Because she couldn’t deny it, not with the proof now smeared over her fingers.
He chuckled and pushed back inside her, stopping when he was in to the hilt. “I’m gonna fuck you hard now and you’re going to come.”
It wasn’t a question.

Yes, No, Maybe by Emma Hillman

Marie March said...

Nostrils flared, Viggo filled his senses with her fishy odor discovering she had procured many lovers during the night's events. Dipping low he hovered just above her rigid clit, and without warning sank his fangs deep into the tender flesh surrounding the stiff little bud. He heard her gasp followed by a moan of pleasure as he drew blood, delighted to find her woman's cycle flowed freely.

SAVAGE CRAVINGS coming soon to eXcessica Publishing
copyright2009 Marie March

Jenna Alexander said...

Oh my gosh! These are fantastic - I can't wait to read more!


Marie March said...

Forget the coffee! These little snippets will get the blood pumping faster than any amount of caffeine could! lol

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Thought I would go for a funny line.

"She smiled at the thought of a date with trusty, old B.O.B. He was the only ‘man’ who never let her down. He didn’t demand any special sexual acts. He never made comments about her body or weight. And he lived only to serve her, as long as she kept the batteries charged."

Sarah Colter said...

Wow, this is awesome! I love the sexy snippet idea! :) Wow, perfect. Hope you're feeling better, Jenna!

Anonymous said...

Mama taught us to "eat everything"

She said the poor people were starving.

Some rich people are starving too, For Love.

Kayelle Allen said...

From a fantasy scene in Surrender Love (Luc's pov)
"I want to kiss you the way you want." Izzorah nuzzled up under his chin, breath hot against Luc's throat. "Shall I bite you? Or do you want to be licked? Teach me what you want."
"What I want is your mouth on mine any time I ask it." Luc dragged him close, curled a fist into Izzorah's hair, and held him while he kissed his way down his throat and across his shoulder. "Give yourself to me and don't hold back. I want your lips begging for my kisses."
------- Holy moly. My kids are grown ups but they'd stick their fingers in their ears and start humming! LOL

M Barnette said...

In the center of the room stood his beautiful Kinji. Kinji of the pale flesh and twilight eyes. His lover wore nothing but a veil of black lace that covered him from head to foot. The delicate ornamentation gave Lucien enticing glimpses of the pale skin beneath. The lace flickered as Kinji knelt, smoky black diamonds glittering in the glow of the candles placed around the room.

From Dominion by Michael Barnette
Available at Loose Id.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I don't have a continuation, but I think this blog is fascinating. :)

The software sounds fabulous... but I see where the drawbacks lie -- especially having a 10 year old. (hee hee!)

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I don't have a continuation, but I think this blog is fascinating.

The software sounds fabulous... but I see where the drawbacks lie -- especially having a 10 year old. (hee hee!)

Jenna Alexander said...

I am so glad that I suggested this. What great blurbs from your stories!!


Ryan said...

There are those who would consider this rape.

The thought occurred to me out of the blue, but on a quick survey of the situation I guessed that would be a quick estimation should anybody walk into the room. My partner, willingly (believe it or not), is face down on the concrete with a double layer of duct tape holding her lips shut. My hand is balled into a fist at the base of her skull, pulling her brunette hair almost off of her scalp with each thrust of my hips. Her hands are bound behind her back with a black plastic zip tie like those used by police officers when they run out of hand cuffs. My nine and a half inch cock is sliding in and out of her slick cunt. The going was tight at first, as it usually is for someone my size, but she has conformed quite nicely. And, to illicit an even greater moan out of her, I pull back with my free hand and bring it down with a hard slap right onto her heart shaped ass.

She bucks underneath me, raising her face ever so slightly off of the cold concrete, as her passion climaxes and her orgasm begins. This is her third of the night, and I don’t plan on quitting just yet. I slid himself out of her, I know it’s an odd moment to do so, but I need her in mid-climax to make this next part hurt as little as possible.

Little snippit of my erotica (maybe paranormal romance) story Wesley Grey.

I've been looking for software like that, but I'm pretty sure the way I write, and the way I talk/tell stories would not be compatible. I leave too much out when I talk.

Jenna Alexander said...

Hi Ryan! Nice to see you over here. I didn't know you wrote erotica. Intense piece!! You should consider eXcessica.

Thanks for stopping by and playing.

Ryan said...

Hey, I forgot that I had the blog bookmarked, and thus didn't realize that I still knew where it was. Lol. Now I am following though.

I really only dabble in it a little bit. My main genre's are fantasy and horror. I've sent this story out to one publisher before and they didn't like the point of view shifts in it so I was thinking about a little revision before sending it out again.

If you want to read it and give it your stamp of approval, though, I'd be more than happy to try sending it out again. Lol. (And, that is my not so subtle request for your opinion for the day.)

Jenna Alexander said...

I'm going to have to give you a "I'd love to read it but..."

I'd love to read it but I am swamped right now. Work, home, reading one thing for someone and working on other stuff.

Plus - I am no expert :-)

hee hee

how long is it?

Have you tried - the fish tank? It is an online critique group for erotica. They give good advice there. Mat Twassel is helpful - tell 'um "Pheebs" sent ya.

ha ha

Ryan said...

Lol. You might not be an expert, but you have certainly written more of this than I have. Wesley Grey is my first real foray into erotica.

Its like three hundred words short of 20k.

I like the idea of the critique group, but I don't know if I would be a helpful addition to the group. (I've flunked out of like three times.) And, besides that fact when I do read erotica without intentions I read it with an absolutely scarlet face and I don't know if I could give any helpful feedback.

Maybe I should just submit it and see if they like it.

Word ver: sonses=right next door to shnozes