Thursday, October 22, 2009

A day in the life...

Some days it takes me forever just to write a few decent lines.

Why you may ask?

I'm too easily distracted.

For example:

10PM on a Friday evening. The munchkin is in bed. The hubby is pacified by whatever random Xbox game he has recently picked. I have peace and quiet. It's the perfect scenario.

Time to do some writing!

I sit down at the keyboard, crack my knuckles and open up my word document.

Oops, forgot to get something to drink. Can't write dehydrated.

(Break for 5 minutes in the kitchen to grab a drink and a snack.)

10:05pm - Let's get some writing done. Yeah!

(5 minutes of staring blankly at the computer screen.)

"Hmm, I need to get in the mood and get my muse working."
Time to open up YouTube.

(waste 30 minutes listening to music and watching videos on YouTube.)

"Crap, I haven't written a thing. Time to quit goofing off."

Start typing... She witnessed the outline of his cock appearing in his pants like an inflating balloon.

Delete Delete Delete. "No no, that's all wrong."

Natasha admired the-

"Uggg, that's not right either."

(5 more minutes of random typing and deleting.)

"Maybe if I get a good mental image I will be able to write it better."

(45 more minutes of searching for sexy pictures on the internet.)

"Oooh, this one will do."

(Add another 10 minutes of explaining to the hubby why I am looking at near naked men on the internet.

"Go back to your Xbox hun, I'm just getting a visual for my story."

Start typing - Natasha eyes drank in the sight of his well formed body, focusing on the bulge...

Delete, Delete, Delete....


Natasha's eyes roamed all over his perfect muscular form. She lowered her gaze appreciating the way his pants pulled tight across his waist as his arousal became clear.

"Yeah, that sounds good for now. Wow, Midnight already?! I should take a break."

LoL! Ever had a night like this? Please tell me I am not the only one.


Emma Hillman said...

That was too funny, Roz, but yes, to answer your question, I do that all the time. I actually make it worse because I open one Word document, read the last page, ponder about it for a few minutes before closing it. Then I open a second Word document and do it all over again. Then a third.
Then I end up watching Glee instead. Ah!

Anonymous said...

Yes times slips away online, because there are so many distractions.


Sarah Levin Colter said...

LOL! Did you read my 'Guidelines' on my blog? We are similar creatures. :)

Ryan said...

Lol. This is why I don't do the major amount of writing on my computer. Helps to eliminate distractions.

Jenna Alexander said...

Fun blog post! I loved your final sentences. Just keep that up for five to ten years and you'll have a full book.

ha ha

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Yeah, I really need to turn of the internet when I write. LoL.