Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maybe One Day

Recently I was surfing the web browsing various blogs. I love reading what other authors are up to. Some share silly things about their lives. Other talk mostly about books they have coming out or contests to win one of their titles.

I’ve added a few links to our blog roll on the right side of Coffee Fueled Erotica. I’m sure this list will grow.

Smut Girl (Sommer Marden) is wonderful and I enjoy her humor and honest take on life.

Alessia Brio compiles erotica anthologies for charity.

These are just of couple of highlights. There are many others.

On one trip around the web I came across a blog that listed out about twenty to thirty author websites. Some I’ve heard of, many I didn’t. But this made me wonder… will I ever be big enough to merit a spot on someone else’s side bar? Will ‘Jenna Alexander’ ever be in lights on various other blogs? One day will a newbie read down someone’s list and think – I’ve heard of her.

I can only dream.

~ Jenna


Emma Hillman said...

And it's a very nice dream... *grins*

Anonymous said...

Jenna, you're on my list of blog links now!

Thank You, Secretia

Sarah Colter said...

I think we all have thoughts like that, and it sometimes it seems a little hopeless. But give it time and keep writing. You're an awesome person and a wonderful writer! I can't wait to read the reviews!

Rozlyn Sparks said...

It's a great dream isn't it. Maybe one day our blog will be one of those proud listings.

*fingers crossed*

Smut Girl said...

well, you are v. sweet, Jenna. Thank you, but i have to tell you a secret. I used to think the same thing. And I am still floored when people imply they've heard of me before. So, I don't think it's every really 'real' for the person living it.


Jenna Alexander said...

Thanks guys - Sommer I can't imagine seeing an acutal book on a shelf like your work. That is a big SOME DAY!!