Monday, September 21, 2009

Introduction and Rambling

Hi! I'm Sarah Levin Colter, author, reader, mother, grandmother, animal lover and shadetree carpenter. I was always extremely interested in stories, so by the age of three or four, I wanted to create my own. If I didn’t like the way one of my storybooks ended, I would write an alternate ending that suited me better. It was my introduction into my fantastic and unrewarding writing career.

I’ve been around the sun fifty-four times, and in that time, I’ve written myriad stories of varying lengths. I was the editor of my high school paper. I was the co-editor of the paper at the University where I got my degrees. I wrote for newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and helped in the assembly of several college textbooks. I published a 150,000 word thesis about how religion and government interact.

But in all this chaos that was my early life, my heart belonged to fiction. I would much rather find me a cozy spot and read a good novel by Sue Grafton than to watch or read the daily news.

Romance isn’t my first choice of writing material, but it has the biggest market. I do love the happily-ever-after stories. I’m currently writing a vampire story, which I’m planning to send to Shadowfire Press. If they accept it, it will be my very first m/f romance story ever published in e-book form. I’ve got short story f/f at Torquere Press, the same company that published my three m/m chasers, a taste test anthology and a toybox story. Shadowfire Press published my first Mirror Twins story and has accepted the second story. I’m working on the third. There is also a fourth and fifth in this series. And, I’m also working on a colorbox story for Torquere. Plus I'm slowly penning an autobiography over at Textnovel and writing a short story for the wrestling anthology at Unbranded Press E-books.

Writing m/f (male/female romance), as opposed to m/m (male/male) or f/f (female/female) is a big discussion topic in the writers' realms. I’ve been told different things by different publishers, and each one quotes statistics. Since I write them all without prejudice, I’ll write whatever each publisher wants. I welcome thoughts and opinions on this issue.


Honey Bunny said...

I love the look of your blog, it rocks!

Sarah Colter said...

Thank you so much! :) It's going to be great when the others post their blogs! :)

M Barnette said...

Sarah, we'll welcome anything you decide to send us, be it m/m, m/f, f/f or menage. Heck, we'd even consider non-erotica if you want to go down that road once or twice just to vary your work.

If you can give me the titles of the next few Mirror Twins stories, I'm willing to contract them in advance, even if they're only working titles.

Love the blog.

Sarah Colter said...

Thank you so much, Michael! You don't know how much that means to me! :) I'll send you the working titles of the next 3 stories. :)

BTW, I'm really impressed with your writing, both the work you've done alone and those you've shared with Auburnimp.

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Great post Sarah!

I've only dabbled in M/F erotica. I don't think I am ready yet to tackle M/M ot F/F

Sarah Colter said...

Some people never do, and that's okay. I have been writing m/m stories since my teenage years. My best friend was a gay boy and I wrote them to please him. (Nothing really graphic back then). But I love to read (and write) it all. I'm looking forward to your writing!

Thanks, hon!

Emma Hillman said...

I've written m/m before but not in a long while. I wrote some f/f scenes into "Behind Locked Doors - Book Two" (out in January) and I was worried it'd be a bit odd but it was surprisingly easy to write! Seriously, it flowed and I ended the book a lot earlier than I expected. Ah, who knew! :)

Secretia Teller said...

I know I'll enjoy your writing.


Sarah Colter said...

Thanks, Secretaria! I love your name. :)