Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hi From Jenna!

Hi all – Thanks for stopping by our blog.

My name is Jenna Alexander. I’m so glad I found a few other coffee freaks like myself to talk about erotica. Coffee and sex – what could be better? Nothing! Stop thinking. Nothing is better then that.

I started writing the summer of 2008. Up until then all my little fantasies and characters remained in my head. That summer I came up with a storyline that stretched out into a full length novel. I felt it was very unique and fun so I wondered….

Would other people like to read this?
Are my creations worth sharing?

I picked up an old dusty laptop and about ten months later I had my first erotica short story Becoming Dinner accepted by Shadowfire Press. A week later, eXcessica Publishing accepted Go Ahead and Try. I’m still learning, still working on that novel. It really has been so much fun.

But a bit more about me…. I’m weird, have a great husband, a silly little boy and an irritating dog named Louie. You’ll read about him a lot because he demands to be the center of attention in my busy life.

I live in the Upper Midwest near lots of farms. While I didn’t grow up on a farm, we owned one and I spent many hours out there. Lots of time to play, imagine, and create more stories.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Oh – please excuse my lack of spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills. The grade school nuns of my past still haunt my dreams.

I’m trying Sister Mary Margaret Knuckle Whacker!

Iiiii’m tryyyying!

~ Jenna


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Sarah Colter said...

Oh, no! You had one of those, too? Knuckle-whacking nuns were the worst, weren't they?

I can't wait to hear more about Louie! He would get along famously with my Punkin! :)

I love the blog!

Rozlyn Sparks said...

I hear ya on the Nun knuckle whackers. I remember that torture from Catholic school. The only nun we had was our Religion teacher (small schoool) but you better believe I paid attention in that class.

Great post!

Emma Hillman said...

Went to Catholic school for years but never got whacked. Don't think it was allowed! Although our Ancient Greek teacher was an abbot...I liked him. He was very old school and was very strict (and made us work HARD) but I really enjoyed his classes.

Jenna Alexander said...

Watch out for the nuns with yard sticks!!

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Oooh yard sticks hurt. I was lucky. I'm the youngster here and when I went it was around the time the board of education was being put to rest. you know the one I am talking about? The big paddle board that hung behind the principal's desk.

Yeah that one!

Well they weren't allowed to be as mean to us as previous generations, so instead of the yardstick, I got the pencil on the knuckle treatment when I would talk out of line or get a question wrong. Man those nun's could be mean. LoL.

Secretia Teller said...

Congratulations on the new blog, and you made a great name for it too! It'll take off like wildfire I think.

WriteAbout said...

Besides public schools,I taught for several years at a parochial school run by the Sisters of Mercy.
I believe "Sisters of Mercy' is the dictionary example for the word "misnomer."
But hey, Pax Vobiscum, y'all!
Steve Shore

Dark Diva said...

Hey Jenna! I love the new blog! BTW, I have been trying to watch for that book submission. Could you email me and remind me of the tile once more, please?


Jenna Alexander said...

Glad you like the new blog. I love getting together with these gals to chat and ramble about sexy stuff.

The short story is Becoming Dinner. I just sent it in to the DDR review email address tonight!

Thanks for stopping by.