Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello, my name is...

...Emma but most of my friends call me Em.

I will be 30 in December (party time!) and I live in Paris, France.

I have a full-time job, a husband, a daughter who'll be 3 soon, a dog and a cat. And when I have a minute, I write!

I have five books that have been accepted for publication by eXcessica: two that came out in August: Location, Location, Location and Behind Locked Doors - Book One, and three more to come: Yes, No, Maybe (Oct 12), Behind Locked Doors - Book Two (Jan 25) and Man Frame (March 15).

I'm currently writing on several manuscripts at once; one, because that way I don't get bored *grins* and two, because I think I got too used to it by writing fanfic for years.

So here I am, a newbie at everything (bar writing!), trying to get used to it all. And yes, that includes blogging :)


Rozlyn Sparks said...

Woo hoo first comment!

Great post. I know what you mean about working on several projects at a time. I have about 3 stories I am working on at the moment. Its refreshing to work on another project when you run into a wall with your first.

Sarah Colter said...

I'm looking forward to reading your stories! :) Like you and Roz, I work on multiple stories at the same time. It's hard to narrow it down to just one when there are so many muses! :)

I love the blog!

Secretia said...

It's exciting and tiring, but this kind of publishing is the best feeling their is.


Emma Hillman said...

Thanks a lot y'all for the lovely comments.

It's amazing, you're right, Secretia...Can't wait to get my first 'printed' book with my name on it (next month! woohoo!)

Jenna Alexander said...

Emma - when do you find time to write??

Emma Hillman said...

Jenna - At work when I'm finished with my tasks for the day (but shhh :) and at home after I've put my daughter to bed (her bedtime is 8.30pm). That's about the only time I've managed to find. My weekends are usually far too busy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Em,
I am a fan of your fan ficition and have been reading them for awhile now. I was happy to find that you were able to get published! However, I was also very sad that I am not going to be able to read what happens in the Behind Locked Doors series. Oh, well I'll figure out how to read them. Any ways, I just wanted to say that I really am happy for you.

Emma Hillman said...

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for the comment and your good wishes. It's amazing my dream finally came true. Who knew fan fic could lead to this?

The first Behind Locked Doors (aka the Harem Series) book is available as an e-book, the second one will be published in January. They're only $3.99! *grins* Okay, okay, I'll stop with the self-promoting.

Hope you'll still read on WW though. It's always there if you wanna read something for free *winks*

Have a good day,

Rachel said...

Hello again Em,
I hope you had (or have) a great birthday...I was wondering if you plan on updating WW soon? Everytime I go to the site everything freezes and I have to refresh to get the graphics to show.