Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Monday

Show of hands - who likes romance? Even better question: Who doesn't? Romance is great, isn't it? At least romantic fiction is great.

Given the choice of two books, one by Nora Roberts, the other by Dean Koontz, it's always a toss-up for me. I love both authors, but Dean Koontz is one of the very best out there. His 'Odd Thomas' series was wonderfully entertaining. Nobody could ever call Dean Koontz a romance writer, but there are tragic romantic themes in a lot of his books, so in essence, he is.

I love buying books, but since I've discovered their availability, I buy a lot of e-books from the online publishers like Shadowfire Press, Torquere Press, Excessia, Loose-id, Changeling, Samhain, LiquidSilver, Amberquill, AllRomanceEbooks, etc. There are so many wonderful authors, and more are emerging every day. I want to live an extra hundred years just so I can read them all!

Types of romance books vary - everything from lighthearted comedy to Romeo & Juliet stuff. I enjoy it all. I would be interested to hear what genre/category/kink appeals to other readers. :)

Okay, now I'll leave you with a bit of eye candy. This cowboy's name is James Storm.  All he's missing in this pic is his usual bottle of beer.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Emma Hillman said...

I read a bit of everything but my favorites are historical and paranormal romances. Although I do read a lot of contemporary and fantasy romances too. *ponders* Okay, I guess I read too much!

I need to buy more e-books too, once I've learnt which format would be best for my BlackBerry! :)

PS: Currently reading "Sea Glass" by Maria V. Snyder.

Jenna Alexander said...

He’s yummy.

I read a bit of everything too but the main theme for my selections is escape. I need to be far far away from reality. So I tend to pick up classics, paranormals, historicals, etc… They can be mysteries, horror, love stories but they can not resemble my real world at all!!


Sarah Colter said...

I adore paranormal and historical romance stories, Emma! I've heard that MobiPocket has a program for Blackberries. That would be awesome if you could read from your phone! :)

Thanks, Jenna! I completely agree that reading material should be escape. That's one of the reasons I've always loved fiction - because I'm not crazy about reality.